Hi, It's me, Brittnee

It's weird to talk about myself since photography is all about capturing others emotions! But I am a Passion seeking Adventurer that loves bringing people's stories to life whether your getting married, having a baby, celebrating a milestone, or just want to feel sexy...girl (or guy) I got you!

I was born and raised in Southern California but absolutely feel like traveling the world is my calling, is a world traveling gypsy photographer an occupation? My niece wants to be a chef president so I guess anything is possible!

I have 1 dog, Clutch, and he is my child! Can you be a stay at home mom if you don't have actual human children but treat your dog as if he were, I always wondered about that. I married my cancer surviving warrior of a husband in Nov 2020 and life has been a crazy busy but amazing adventure since!

I would describe my photography style as Bold, Emotional & Colorful but black and white photography is still my JAM! So if you love vibrant colors or deep blacks and shining highlights we are the perfect match!

Why I love photography? I've always loved taking pictures especially of animals and nature, but when I started to build my business I thrived off of the love that other people have, those genuine laughs and sweet butterfly kisses make my heart happy.

So buckle up and hang on, in my own famous words... Hold onto your horses this is going to be a wild and magical ride! I look forward to meeting you

xoxo Britt

RIP to my Kawi Girl (white boxer pictured below)


Stephanie Gibson

Brittnee is the absolute best! She has photographed every important moment in our lives!! She has a wonderful eye and captures the most perfect special moments while making you feel so comfortable! I am always so excited when I receive her message that the photos are ready 🥰 we couldn’t thank you enough for capturing these wonderful memories. 😍💙